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Fighting the drug epidemic is an issue Zane is concerned about and want to address in Tallahassee. According to the CDC 130 Americans on average a day die from drug overdose. Even 1 death is too many to me, This is why we must support border security to stop these illegal drugs that are killing our families and friends and have heavy penalties in place for those who sell drugs. Also we must have programs in place for those who want to seek help and become clean.  

"As a society we should not shame those who use drugs rather we should embrace them and offer help for a healthy drug-free life." - Zane Matter

Ensuring the implementation of Medical Marijuana is something Zane Matter is passionate about.

"Voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of this in 2016 when they passed the amendment & now it's time for the legislature to do its job and stop holding up the process."

- Zane Matter


Zane supports getting rid of Florida Standards testing, essentially a rebranded version of common core.

"Our legislators have had the opportunity to on take this very important issue and many times have failed the citizens of Florida and most importantly our students." - Zane Matter

We should also support more education opportunities for our students such as home education and school voucher programs.

"As a former home instruction student, I found that having the ability to complete my education at home provided me with a great path into what I am doing today trying to help my community. " - Zane Matter

Zane is committed to working with both Democrats and Republicans in the legislature to raise teacher pay and give educators a living wage that can sustain their families. 


Zane will also work to repeal and ban red-light cameras that seem to be more of a revenue generator than a safety priority. Red-light cameras are a violation of privacy and actually cause more rear end collisions when drivers apply brakes abruptly to avoid the fines, causing more rear end collisions. 

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