“I encourage everyone to support Barbara Cady for State House 42, Barbara has dedicated her life to working for her community and has a clear vision on how she plans to bring effective and transparent leadership to Tallahassee for all of us on issues such as the environment, education and human rights,” - Zane Matter


On the Issues

Zane Matter will work everyday to: 

  • Cut taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations 

  • Expand education options and technical job opportunities

  • Fight to protect Law Enforcement, Veterans and military families

  • Continue fighting for equality and progress in Florida

  • Protect our environment from harmful pollutants 

THE leader WE NEED

zane supports our teachers

I support working with educators to raise teacher pay and ensure all educators have a living wage which will make our children succeed in the classroom.

ZANE SUPPORTS equal rights for all

I support the continuation of progress in our diverse state to make it a place that is welcoming for all people regardless of gender or status in the community. 

zane supports our veterans

Ensuring Florida one of the most military and veteran friendly states in the Country is important to Zane Matter. A Military family member, Zane is a is committed to helping veterans find employment through further technical and vocational training and reduce veteran homelessness in Florida. Veteran healthcare issues are so important to Zane who knows that the VA healthcare system is broken and needs accountability. 

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